The Education Area within the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ERATOSTHENES CoE) is undeniably the critical engine powering the sustainable growth and functioning of the centre as a prominent Regional Digital Innovation Hub. As the core of knowledge creation and dissemination, the Education Area is devoted to a diverse array of activities that play a vital role in fostering talent and driving innovation. These activities include the prestigious Master & PhD hosting programmes, the dynamic Skills Development Centre, and the comprehensive Professional Training Program. Together, these initiatives make the Education Area the heart of ERATOSTHENES CoE’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering research, and ensuring that the region remains at the lead of innovation and excellence.

The Master & PhD Hosting Programme

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) offers an exceptional Master’s Degree programme with the title “Geoinformatics & Earth Observation,” which is directly linked to the ERATOSTHENES CoE. This accredited program is the result of a collaborative effort between CUT, ERATOSTHENES CoE, and participants from the EXCELSIOR H2020 teaming project. It provides students with a comprehensive education in the field of geoinformatics and earth observation, offering a strong foundation for careers in geospatial technology and environmental monitoring. Moreover, as part of the ERATOSTHENES CoE’s commitment to education and research, an accredited PhD programme has been established, aligning with the objectives outlined in the EXCELSIOR Grant Agreement. The accredited PhD programme is designed to foster innovation and excellence in three thematic research clusters: Environment and Climate, Resilience Society, and Big Earth Observation Data Analytics. Students pursuing their doctorate within these clusters will not only benefit from high-level academic guidance but also have access to the cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure provided by the ERATOSTHENES CoE, empowering them to conduct advanced research in their chosen fields. This unique collaboration between CUT and ERATOSTHENES CoE underscores their commitment to advancing geoinformatics, earth observation, and environmental research.

The Skills Development Centre

The ERATOSTHENES CoE Skills Development Centre is dedicated to the ongoing technical and scientific advancement of the ERATOSTHENES CoE staff, with a primary focus on cultivating the next generation of researchers, scientists, and engineers who will play a vital role in sustaining the centre’s operations. Within a specified timeline, the centre hosts a variety of training activities designed to encourage researchers to fully utilize these opportunities for knowledge transfer and capacity-building. These training sessions are thoughtfully developed and delivered by a diverse team, comprising senior staff, post-doctoral researchers, invited experts, and esteemed researchers from the global scientific community. These accredited technical short courses are tailored to benefit both the ERATOSTHENES CoE staff and external stakeholders. The curriculum encompasses vital scientific domains, including cutting-edge Earth Observation equipment usage, physical process modeling and EO data assimilation theory and practice, innovative remote sensing techniques, machine learning theory and practice, as well as efficient big data management strategies. Together, these initiatives solidify the centre’s commitment to fostering excellence in Earth Observation research and scientific knowledge dissemination.

The Professional Training Programme

The ERATOSTHENES CoE Professional Training Programme is a dedicated and transformative initiative aimed at elevating the expertise and capabilities of Earth Observation (EO) stakeholders within the region. This program is designed to equip and empower the stakeholders operating in the EO field, enabling them to effectively bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and the commercialization of EO-based products and services. At the heart of this endeavor, a Vocational Training Centre will be established, certified by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus. Notably, it serves as a catalyst for inspiring and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Additionally, this program extends its reach to governmental departments, private companies, and end-users, offering invaluable EO professional training schemes to further enhance their capabilities and contributions in the field. The ERATOSTHENES CoE Professional Training Programme has the potential to act as a regional multiplier in the EMMENA (Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa) region, creating a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge and innovation.

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