Digital Heritage Research Laboratory (DHRLab)
Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics (EECEI)
Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)
Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)
Director UNESCO CHAIR on Digital Cultural Heritage


Senior Lecturer

Education: Dr Ioannides received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science and his PhD at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He specialized in 3D Reconstruction from Digitized Data for his PhD.

Professional background: Since the 1st of January 2013, he is the chair of the newly established Digital Heritage Research lab of the Cyprus University of Technology (www.digitalheritagelab.eu). The lab has been awarded a number of EU projects within its four years’ debut (total budget for CUT: 7 million Euros). Since the 1st of October 2013 he is coordinating the biggest research project at CUT and the only in the EU H2020 CSA project on Virtual Museums (www.vi‐mm.eu) for the setup of the Agenda on Digital Cultural Heritage in the Horizon Europe FWP. In 2018, he received the unique UNESCO Chair award and the prestigious EU ERA Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage with a total budget of 2.5 MEuros. His software 3D‐Reconstruction engine was developed in cooperation with IBM Germany and is available and running in more than 147 research centres around the world. He is also the general secretary of ICOMOS‐CY Committee and represents CY in all EU Committees in the area of Digital Cultural Heritage.

Research: His research focuses on the holistic 3D documentation in Cultural Heritage. He is the chairman  of the   bi‐annual joint international conferences on Digital Cultural Heritage CIPA/VAST2006, VSMM and EuroMed. He has been involved in 68 EU funded projects and has more than 70 publications and he is the main author of three books. All his proceedings and books have been published by the prestigious publisher Springer‐Nature.

Selected publications:

  1. Ioannides (2013). From Point Clouds to Triangulated Structures. In Wichmann/VDE, Berlin and Offenbach (335-342) – Photogrammetric Week 2013, Germany (Invited Paper). Editor Dieter Fritsch.
  2. Doulamis, A., Ioannides, M., Doulamis, N., Hadjiprocopis, A., Fritsch, D., Balet, O., Julien, M., Protopapadakis, E., Makantasis, K., Weinlinger, G., Johnsons, P. S., Klein, M., Fellner, D., Stork, A., and Santos, P. (2013). 4D reconstruction of the past. Proc. SPIE, 8795:87950J–87950J–11.
  3. Hadjiprocopis, A., Ioannides, M., Wenzel, K., Rothermel, M., Johnsons, P. S., Fritsch, D., Doulamis, A., Protopapadakis, E., Kyriakaki, G., Makantasis, K., Weinlinger, G., Klein, M., Fellner, D., Stork, A., and Santos, P. (2014). 4D reconstruction of the past: the image retrieval and 3d model construction pipeline. Proc. SPIE, 9229:922916–922916–10.
  4. Ioannides, M., Hadjiprocopis, A., Doulamis, N., Doulamis, A., Protopapadakis, E., Makantasis, K., Santos, P., Fellner, D., Stork, A., Balet, O., Julien, M., Weinlinger, G., Johnson, P. S., Klein, M., and Fritsch, D. (2013). Online 4D Reconstruction Using Multi-Images Available Under Open Access. ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, (1):169–174. CIPA2013 Best Paper Award.
  5. Kyriakaki, G., Doulamis, A., Ioannides, M., Makantasis, K., Protopapadakis, E., and Hadjiprocopis, A. (2014). 4D reconstruction of tangible cultural heritage objects from web-retrieved images. International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, 3(2):431–452.
  6. Hadjiprocopis, A., Wenzel, K., Rothermel, M., Ioannides, M., Fritsch, D., Klein, M., Johnsons, P. S., Weinlinger, G., Doulamis, A., Protopapadakis, E., Kyriakaki, G., Makantasis, K., Fellner, D., Stork, A., and Santos, P. (2014). Cloud-based 3D Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Monuments using Open Access Image Repositories. In Klein, R. and Santos, P., editors, Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage. The Eurographics Association.
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